2 Hack: Fast and Easy 2 hack is a tricky way to win in this competitive adventure. If you have poor pictionary skills, it’s a reliable strategy to improve it. The method includes using special automated helpers. They will do all the drawing work for you. Installed in a couple of clicks, they guarantee your victory.


Other players won’t be happy if they understand that you’re cheating. They’ll votekick you if you activate the hack all the time. This is why it’s vital to be careful. Besides, don’t forget to practice to really perfect your skills. 2 hack 2: Hack Guide

The most helpful cheat is called AutoDraw. It’s a bot that can copy pictures using the same instruments provided by the game. It does it slowly and accurately so that it’s easy to guess by other players. There are 2 things you’ll need:

  1. The script itself. Its code will perform the task of making pictures. Go to GitHub archives and find the appropriate file. Download it to your desktop. Be careful if you decide to trust other websites. They can hide malware. Check if that source is reliable before interacting with it.

  2. Google Chrome. Click on 3 dots in the corner – More Tools – Extensions. Then tap on the button Load Unpacked and show the way to the script file.

That’s it! Now you can try it. Launch the adventure and drag any picture into the drawing field. Once you do it, the bot will start its magic. It takes seconds to finish the task.

There is also a guessing assistant. Getting it is as easy as the previous one:

  1. Add the extension Tampermonkey to your Google Chrome browser.

  2. Locate the right script on GitHub (or Greasy Fork) and install it.

  3. Activate the feature when playing to be the first to see the right word. 2 game

A Sure Way to Win

Use the 2 hack to meddle with the game’s rules a little. It’s not fair, but it’s the fastest method to become the winner. Do it for fun and remember: following the original mechanics is also cool!


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