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How to Win in 2 2 is a popular multiplayer game based on drawing. It’s designed for groups, so you can join a public room or create your own. The toy will become perfect entertainment at a party or any other mass event. Scroll down if you want not only to have fun but also to win.

About the Mechanics

There are 2 types of roles in this title. When someone draws a word, others try to guess it. When players from the second group succeed, artists also get their reward. The session consists of several rounds, everyone takes turns. After the last one, the person with more points wins.

Here are some features that make it a unique adventure:

  • You can create your own avatar before the match begins. Adjust its skin tone and create a special facial expression (pick eyes and mouth). Add a name and enter the session!

  • The toy is translated into 26 languages, and it’s not yet the limit! It’s a great tool to study new words and remember the old ones.

  • A timer looks like an ancient alarm clock. It hurries you up, and, as a result, you can make funny mistakes.

How to Win in 2: the Best Victory Tips

This adventure is designed for fun. But it’s way more pleasant to win. If you’re very competitive, there are 3 aspects to mind.

1. Picking the word

The first instinct is to choose the word that’s easy to draw. But it’s not always right. Remember that you’ll benefit if others have no trouble typing it. Something like a strawberry takes seconds to outline and color. But its spelling might be challenging for some people.

The shorter, the better. If all your options are difficult, analyze the way you’ll implement them. It’s a good idea to make several pictures if it’s a compound word. For example, divide the screen into 2 parts. Add a bird into one and a house into the other. It’s way easier to understand that it’s a birdhouse!

2. Drawing

The title offers a bunch of tools to make this process easier. Use brush sizes, colors, and a fill bucket. Besides, you can lower your mouse sensitivity for better precision. If you feel you lack practice, play more. Or pick Google Quickdraw as your training ground.

3. Guessing

Mobilize your brainpower when it’s your turn to type in answers. And consider the tip given by the adventure: you always know the number of letters. Additionally, it reveals some of them if someone hits it almost right.

Summing Up 2 is a challenging title. But you can learn to be more successful than your friends and keep winning! Never forget, though, that the primary goal of the toy is to make everyone happy. Moderate competition is great, but try not to get lost in it. Relax and have fun!

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